Benefits Consulting:
No employer is immune to ongoing healthcare inflation which negatively impacts the bottom line, employee attraction, retention and overall culture. Our team and OBP’s vetted partners have a proven track record of offering innovative cost containment strategies that many of our competitors are too complacent to offer. We are extremely passionate about disrupting the traditional employee benefits brokerage model by bringing these strategies to the attention of businesses we interact.
Data is critical in determining an organization’s strategic investment and intervention strategies through their health plan. OBP has invested in data analytics capabilities to consistently assess employer specific data to identify and measure key cost drivers, identify trends and mitigate future risks. This enables our team to proactively recommend actionable steps to ensure a financially sustainable employee benefits strategy.
For businesses to have a completely compliant employee benefit plan, it can take countless hours. We take the burden off of our clients by identifying gaps and utilize our expertise to fill existing compliance gaps. We help with creating plan documents and implement risk mitigation policies to be in compliance with ACA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, etc.
With thousands of vendors offering HR related technology for benefits administration, payroll, applicant tracking, HRIS, etc. it often leads to redundancy and fragmentation. We take the time to understand the current state, along with specific goals and objectives of each business to introduce valid, integrated solutions. No one single solution will solve for varying client scenarios but we have vetted multiple preferred technologies partners. This enables an efficient selection process to achieve the desired results sooner and more efficiently.
Healthy employees are typically the most engaged employees. OBP takes a consultative approach and recommends wellness strategies that help to achieve a more engaged workforce and health-based culture. Although employers may not see an immediate ROI, the VOI (value on investment) can impact an employer’s business significantly. OBP leverages wellness resources that are frequently embedded in the insurer’s plan and recommends enhancements to achieve a viable, multi-year wellness plan.
Top tier benefits programs will be undervalued if not communicated effectively and consistently. Based on varying characteristics of each employer’s workforce, we tailor appropriate communications plans to deliver favorable results. Once a year open enrollment will not achieve favorable results; our focus involves routine touch points through technology-based media and traditional communication methods. Effective communication campaigns lead to informed employees who will appreciate the overall value of benefits being offered.
Technology & Automation: After understanding each client’s unique situation, we recommend and help implement thoroughly vetted and top-rated technology solutions, enabling the client to shift focus from tactical to strategic business objectives. Key areas of focus:

  • Benefits and administration
  • Payroll, HRIS & ACA reporting
  • Telemedicine
HR Support & Consulting: OBP customers are provided a platform that includes an integrated suite of HR knowledge, content and training solutions.
Live assistance from certified experts to help answer questions, resolve workplace issues and feel secure in today’s complex and ever-evolving regulatory environment.
Hundreds of training courses that ensure compliance, reduce risk and drive employee engagement. When in-person training is more applicable, we can deploy such programs to better address priorities in the workplace.
Content, tools and online training designed to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Handbook creation that includes routine updates as federal, state and local laws evolve.

Assisting employers with job-description development, compensation strategy and sourcing/filling key positions.