“The Optimal Benefits Professionals team are employee benefit experts whom act as an extension of our Executive team, with integrity and professionalism. Upon our initial engagement with Brent Tregaskes in 2015, we deployed a significantly enhanced benefits plan that saved our company and employees 6 figures in the first year alone! Since then, we continue to trust that EPG is best suited to have OBP constantly looking out for the best interest of EPG and our employees. I highly recommend OBP!”

“I remember when I first met with Brent Tregaskes in 2017, I asked him ‘What does an insurance broker do, anyway?’

We laugh about that now, because Optimal Benefits Professionals is so much more to our business than mere broker.  OBP has become a strategic business partner for us, providing critical leadership in all areas of our employee benefits including legal compliance, plan documentation, provider selection, plan design, open enrollment, provider EDI and billing issues, ACA compliance, and ACA reporting.  When we faced a particularly tough renewal last year, the OBP team attended meeting after meeting, working with our team to create a plan design that would continue to provide quality benefits to our employees without substantial cost increase. OBP consistently goes above and beyond our expectations, taking an active role in driving improvements, training our staff, and solving problems.”

Brenda Van Gelder, CFO, MDS Communications

“The intelligence and expertise that Brent and the OBP staff offer to their clients is second to none.  Our team has witnessed first-hand their due diligence, process and results.  They deliver best of breed plan designs, cost containment and technology platforms.  OBP is a world class organization, leveraging technology and amazing customer service.  We thank you for taking great care of us.”

Michael Paradise, Founder & CEO, Sysazzle, Inc.